School of the Provisional

Crisis and Creativity

The provisional solution
The provisional solution is a result of improvisation, a core activity that is deeply anchored in human action and occurs in almost all contexts: In small, clear situations (provisional arrangements in the household) as well as with serious questions in open contexts and uncertain conditions. The range is wide – from the emergency solution to the high art form in music and the performing arts; from salad dressing to improvised dance, from spontaneous speech to cross-national political decisions. Provisional solutions depend on the means available in the given circumstances. They are the result of the motivation to act in an unforeseen emergency situation and the decision: This is how we’re going to tackle this problem for the time being.

Improvisation is cross-milieu, occurs in all cultures and creates similarities and analogies between distant disciplines; it is a “radically interdisciplinary field”, said George E. Lewis in his preface to “Critical Improvisation Studies” (Lewis, George E .; Piekut, Benjamin: The Oxford Handbook of Critical Improvisation Studies, Volume 1 + 2, Oxford 2016 : p. 20).

We ask: How can creativity, improvisation and inspiration be discussed nowadays, how do these topics relate to digitalization? Which aspects of creative action cannot be replaced by machines? Where are the points of contact with the digital world?

We pursue research, publish articles, give lectures and workshops for different contexts. The school of the provisional is an interdisciplinary think tank in which art and science, practice and theory are brought together. It offers educational projects and a space for discourse.

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