‘You Can Use My Tights’ or: The Phenomenon of Temporary Solutions

A provisional solution is a makeshift designed to fit temporary circumstances. It is the result of the motivation to act in an unforeseen or imperative situation or an emergency and the subsequent decision: this is how we are going to tackle this problem for the time being. Provisional solutions are integral to our professional and private lives and have their use in our homes, at building sites, in urban planning and in space travel. In the following text we will quotea popular film scene and an old fashioned example of vehicle technology to illustrate the main characteristics of provisional solutions. We will then explore these characteristics in depth with the help of three examples from the context of art and urban planning and refer to the current discussions in space-oriented planning. Pointing out the differences between the provisional solution and other interim measures in use, we will also highlight the potential of temporary measures in the planning context: they provide a course of action in uncertain conditions.

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